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3 Tips to Make the Most Out of Disney World VIP Tours

Along with general admission and programs like the Genie Plus app, The Disney World resort offers a special experience for guests known as the VIP tour. Each VIP tour group receives its own tour guide and has the chance to make their way quickly around the park, avoid crowds, and get right on the rides.

As you plan Disney World VIP tours, check out some of the tips to make the most out of your experience and get the most value from your tour.

1. Stay in One Park Per Day

Disney World includes several separate theme parks like the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot. If you purchase a VIP tour, then the tour can go from park to park if you purchase a park hopper pass. While the idea of going park to park may sound exciting, the transition period could waste a lot of your VIP tour time.

The transition from each park could take up huge chunks of time. If you dedicate a whole day to a single park, then you have the opportunity to go on more rides and enjoy more experiences within the single park. The elimination of the park hopper will help you save money as well. Put that money directly into Disney VIP tours.

2. Keep Group Sizes Smaller

A VIP tour allows you to bring a group of up to ten people. While having ten people may sound like the best value, you run the risk of causing delays with the more people you have. On some rides, you may have to wait for half the group to finish before you head off on your next adventure.

Try to cap your group size to five or six people. The group is large enough for the value but will keep everything moving along smoothly. Smaller groups also make it easier for times when you order meals or plan out your food breaks.

3. Stay on Disney Property

One of the big perks of a VIP tour includes private transportation. If you stay directly on Disney property, then your VIP guide will pick you up directly at the hotel at the start of your day. With the VIP tour, you get to select the itinerary as well. Part of the selection includes the pick-up time.

Choose the exact time for your pick-up and then enjoy the opportunity to relax in private transportation that includes private lots that regular guests cannot park in. Private transportation will bring you to the parks quicker and help avoid a lot of the standard lines.

Use or more of these tips the next time you book a Disney VIP tour. You will get a lot more time to enjoy the experience and take advantage of the VIP services.