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Looking For A Race To Run On Your Vacation? What To Do To Prep

If you are an avid runner and you are planning a vacation, it only makes sense to try to run a race in your destination spot. It gives you a chance to see the area, you get to cross a race off your bucket list if one of those races are in that area, and it helps you stay in shape and on your running plan while you are on vacation. Find the perfect race and plan accordingly with the following suggestions.

Check State Directories and Running Clubs

Once you know the location of your vacations or you have some ideas of where you want to travel, you can start checking the race directories for that state. You may also want to search for running clubs in those areas and then join the group to ask which races are the best and to get more details. This is the easiest way to get insider information on the courses that will be available while you are on vacation. You can also look into running clubs to see what is available where you want to go. 

Consider the Running Conditions

It's very important for you to train for the type of race that you're going to be running while on vacation. If you live in a flat area but will be running up hills and mountains, you want to try to find an area where you can practice hills.

Temperature changes are important details also. If you will be running in high temperatures, you may want to practice with a space heater near you on a treadmill, or you should start running at the hottest point during the day where you live. Wearing your running gear, especially if it's cold-weather gear, is also important.

Pre-Order Your Shirt

If you are worried that you didn't sign up in time to get your shirt or that you won't be able to get one in your size, see if you can pre-order one. This way you don't miss out on of the souvenirs that you are hoping to bring home from the race.

You want to prep accordingly by making sure that you know the temperature and the weather before you head out so you know you will at least be comfortable while you are racing. Vacation isn't just time away from daily activities, it means more time for you to enjoy the things that you love. If running is something that you do daily, find a way to incorporate it into your trip. 

If you need help finding a race, contact a company like Run for Fun | Cruise Tours to find vacation races.