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Are You Flying To Monterrey, Mexico For A Destination Wedding?

Is your daughter or your son getting married in Monterrey, Mexico? Perhaps you yourself are planning a destination wedding in this charming city. If you have planned a destination wedding, does that mean that you have invited only your closest friends and your family members to the wedding? Whatever the situation, from arranging for an airplane charter to seeing the sights in Monterrey, here are some ideas that might help you to plan your trip south of the border.

Make Arrangements With An Airplane Charter Company. Whether you live in San Antonio, Texas, or in San Diego, California, or anywhere else, consider flying to Monterrey in a charter airplane from a company like Aeronautical Charters. Besides beating the line at the border, your trip will more than likely be faster than if you drove to Monterrey. If you do charter an airplane to fly into Monterrey, be sure to tell the company how many people are going to be in your party. And think of putting all the information on paper so that there won't be disappointments at the time of your flight. For example, write down the exact date of your trip to Monterrey and the exact date that you will be returning. Whether your pilot is from Monterrey or from your point of takeoff, you can have the peace of mind that he or she will be trained and experienced to make your trip a safe and pleasant one. The airplane used will be well maintained by expert mechanics, so that you will have the assurance that your vehicle is perfectly safe for you to fly in. 

Make An Agenda Of Things You Want To Do. Hopefully, the destination wedding will also include time for sight-seeing. If so, you'll discover that Monterrey has a blend of history and modern life. You'll find contemporary office buildings close to beautiful hotels and parks. Consider going to places like the Obispadoor Bishop's Palace, to Cola de Caballoor Horse Tail Falls, and to look at historic places in the downtown area that include an old cathedral and old hotels. Perhaps you'll have time to visit the lovely city of Saltillo, which is not that far from Monterrey. The almost-new riverwalk will take you to excellent shopping and great restaurants, too. Will you have time to travel farther into Mexico? If so, consider arranging for the airplane company to provide transportation to places like Taxco or Cuernavaca.