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Two Things You Need To Know About Preparing To Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

If you're considering taking a trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro, you undoubtedly already know that such a trip has the potential to be among the peak experiences of your life. However, it can also turn into the exact opposite and become a miserable time in your life that you'd rather forget. The key to a memorable tour is advance preparation. Here's what you can do to ensure that you'll cherish your visit to this natural wonder for the rest of your life. 

Get in the Best Possible Physical Shape

Going up Mt. Kilimanjaro is certainly no easy feat, so even if you're already in reasonably good shape, stepping your workout up a notch or two will help ensure that you're up to the challenge. Experts say that hiking is the best way to prepare to trek up the tallest mountain in Africa, so hike as often as possible in order to build up both strength and stamina, and it'll work the actual muscles that you'll be using during your trek. Try to do as many long hikes as possible — building endurance is an important component in preparing to go up Mt. Kilimanjaro. When climbing the mountain, you'll be walking slowly for long periods throughout the day. It's also important that you train as much as possible at high altitudes — Mt. Kilimanjaro is 19,341feet high. If you don't have access to high altitude hiking, look for a fitness facility that has a high altitude simulation program. 

Your workouts should become gradually more difficult, with the hardest ones taking place two weeks before your scheduled departure to Africa. After that, you should taper them off and make certain to get plenty of rest so that you're in prime shape when the time comes to tackle the hike up the mountain. 

Get in the Best Possible Mental Shape 

Preparing yourself mentally is also essential for a climb of this magnitude. The hiking and other training you'll be doing will help with developing mental clarity, but it's also a good idea to refrain from alcoholic beverages beginning a week or so before your incredible journey, and get at least eight hours of sleep each night. Reading as much as you possibly can about the flora and fauna you can expect to see on your trek may serve to clear your mind as well as help get you familiar with what you'll encounter on the adventure. Your Mt. Kilimanjaro guide service will be able to provide you with more helpful advice for getting in the best possible physical and mental shape for the most exciting trek of your life.